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  • big long holiday in China OCTOBER 1st (Saturday) to 7th (Friday) National Day ...some back to work Monday Oct 10th....
  • nil catch in the south region....third week very poor south ...
  • presales cooking us over 130K MT have already traded for new crop
  • china exchange keeps distorting mkt mood in china.... 7.0 now real
  • South catch in mataran/i ilo range sep 21 st tot 64 k MT landed ...13.1% quota
  • stocks in china at 199.5 k MT sep19th as per JCI ...
If you love geography as much as we do, welcome to an in depth view of Peru. Province by province check out where each producer makes a name for himself.

MSICeres S.A.C. was formed in the year 2002 as a result of merging M.S. International S.A. (founded in 1984) and Corporacion Ceres Peruana S.A. (founded in 1979)...
Let's find out which boats are arriving and loading in order to understand where the flow of merchandise is going to.
Latest update: Container Vessels with 20,000 tons destined to Various, trader/buyer is Various , Working, Callao port

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Do not leave home without it! This invaluable tool will enable you to assess, analyze and evaluate the weekly market occurrences in order to make the proper commercial decisions.
A vital element to determine the past and present stock situations. Follow the fishing patterns in order to plan your strategies and study previous years.

Region by region, country by country, we report where every ton of fishmeal is going in bags/bulk and especially in containers.

Always good to put things in perspective. Now we have three charts: Our traditional FAS Chimbote Basis Chart (1995-2011), our new FOB Container Super Prime Chart and also our old MSIndex Chart, which you will surely enjoy!
We have two links of importance, to illustrate What is happening in PERU and in the world.

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